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Taxi Fare Calculator / Estimator

Taxi Website Fare Estimator / Calculator Cost

We at Taxi Website Designers, are specialized in Taxi Fare Estimators & Distance Calculators based on Google Maps API Javascript V3 development services.

Our Calculators are purely based on javascript can be customized into your Taxi Website applications, where passengers can input Start Point and Destination to get an estimation of Fare or Distance between two-nearest-route.

Features of Taxi Fare Calculator

  • Easy to Customize
  • Can Embedd on any website easily
  • Based on Google Map API Javascript V3
  • Auto Address Suggestion as you type in Address Fields
  • 90% Accurate Fare Estimation btw 2-Points or More

Our Google Map API based codes can be customized for Taxi Cab Operators, Ambulence Services, Transportation Companies, Truck Companies, Bus Services, Limousine Operators and others.

Taxi Fare Calculators

You can included as many as parameters or calculation terms to get nearest estimation of Fare or Distance using our application.

Taxi Fare Estimator

  • Flag Drop
  • Each Additional Miles
  • Additional Baggage or handlings
  • Waiting Charges
  • Pre-Determined Tolls
  • Airport Charges / Parking (If any)
  • Child Seat
  • Disabled Chair Charges
  • Driver Tips
  • Week-End / Holiday Fare (UK Model)
  • Day-Time & Night-Rides Calculations

Kindly Note :

  • Except - Waiting Charges
  • Fare Calculators may not be accurate at times btw 2-points
  • All distance calculated are Nearest-Route - May not be Accurate at Times
  • Fare Calculator developed using Google Map API V3 Service

Taxi Fare Estimator

Taxi Fare Estimator Specialists